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Trust the Timing

A few of you know that I was running behind on last week’s blog post. Juicy topic. Just needed one more editing pass, a couple of links, and a graphic or two tossed in. much for that. For the last 4 days, I’ve been trying to carve out those precious 15 minutes to handle the loose ends on the post. And I’ve been foiled at every attempt.

I can hear the Universe and my Spirit Guides chuckling at my arrogance now.

Being in the Moment...NOW

My blog posts are a self-imposed deadline that has absolutely no impact on my daily life. None. Nada. Zip. It’s a method I use to share insights on lessons either my clients or myself are dealing with, a simple communication device for those seeking more than 280 characters. Conversation starters for new clients; lesson review reminders for my mentoring students.

While I consider my mindfulness practice (my being in the moment now, in THIS moment) is fairly decent, I kept getting smacked in the face with the reminder that I *wasn’t* in the moment these last several days. Anxiety. Stress. General “meh, I’ve gotta do what next?” ickiness.

All set off by a simple little blog post needing 15 minutes of my attention.

Refocusing on Me

The Universe wanted those precious 15 minutes of my attention elsewhere: meditate. sing. read (for leisure, not business). drum. create something simply for the sake of creation.

Instead, I’ve been running around (okay, who am I kidding - moseying around) thinking about all the “what’s next” items that I need to tackle. And making progress! It just wasn’t the progress I was expecting to see play out. From my point of view, it was messy progress. Not the nice and tidy progress I’d imagined.

Does that sound familiar?

The Universe doesn’t care about that next item on my “what’s next” list. The Universe cares about the moment my soul is experiencing.

Slow on the Uptake

I chuckled when it finally dawned on me as I was checking in with my Spirit Team this morning. “I’ve got to sit down and finish off that post,” I lamented. “Nope,” said my main Guide, “but you do need to sit down and write. Briefly. About this.”

So here we are. Short post, not on my radar to write.

And very grateful that my time has played out like it has this last week. Because I’m now back in that sweet spot of simply being in the moment, sitting back to allow The Universe to do what it does, while I do what I need to do:

Just handle whatever the moment brings. No stress, no worry, yet still mindful of what needs to be done.

First, this.

(And fret not, that original post is sitting in the hopper, waiting for the moment I'm nudged to share it: in THAT moment.)

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