Trust the Timing

A few of you know that I was running behind on last week’s blog post. Juicy topic. Just needed one more editing pass, a couple of links, and a graphic or two tossed in. much for that. For the last 4 days, I’ve been trying to carve out those precious 15 minutes to handle the loose ends on the post. And I’ve been foiled at every attempt.

I can hear the Universe and my Spirit Guides chuckling at my arrogance now.

Being in the Moment...NOW

My blog posts are a self-imposed deadline that has absolutely no impact on my daily life. None. Nada. Zip. It’s a method I use to share insights on lessons either my clients or myself are dealing with, a simple communication device for those seeking more than 280 characters. Conversation starters for new clients; lesson review reminders for my mentoring students.

While I consider my mindfulness practice (my being in the moment now, in THIS moment) is fairly decent, I kept getting smacked in the face with the reminder that I *wasn’t* in the moment these last several days. Anxiety. Stress. General “meh, I’ve gotta do what next?” ickiness.

All set off by a simple little blog post needing 15 minutes of my attention.

Refocusing on M