The Sofa Cushion and the Dryer Ball

If you’ve spent any time at all on your spiritual journey, you’ve likely come to the realization that your path is indeed a spiral and not a straight line.

This last month, I was processing new downloads from my Spirit Guides, and like the petulant 3-year-old that I can be, I asked one of my guides to demonstrably demonstrate his presence in my life. Preferably, in front of a friend so I would have a witness. "Asked" might be too polite of a way of describing my request; in that moment, it was a straight up demand.

Here's Where Things Get Woolly

My cousin had gifted me a pair of wool dryer balls last year. I absolutely adore them and have used them for every load of laundry since. One day last spring, one of the dryer balls went missing. Frustrated from not finding the missing orb in a fitted sheet or pillowcase, I went out and purchased another pair.

So now there were 3 dryer balls being used.

Months passed, and it was time to wash the cushion covers on my sofa. A bit of a chore to strip and then re-stuff the cushions single-handedly, but the covers washed up beautifully, making the couch look new again. Well worth the effort.

Again, the dryer ball count remained at 3.

Drop the Demands

Then a couple of weeks ago, a friend was visiting and posed a question while sitting on my couch that grabbed my attention.

“Why is there a ball in your cushion?”