Starseed SerenityTM

Let The Stars Heal Your Soul

Connect with the healing energies of your other homeworld sun(s).

What is Starseed SerenityTM?

For those of us who have always known that we're "out of place", we've immersed ourselves in Past Life work and healing modalities trying to find a tonic to make our experience being human tolerable and more enjoyable.

Starseed SerenityTM can assist you where other modalities can't quite resolve Past Life issues.

Tackling a gamut of complaints - emotional, physical, spiritual - together we'll identify your original star system and harness the healing energies of your native sun(s). 

Your session will include a brief past-life identification reading, connection with your original sun, healing with that starlight energy, and introduction to - or messages from - your Soul Guides from that original life.

Need a session beyond your original homeworld? We can do that, too! No starsystem is off limits.

What to Expect

During your session, we'll target your problem areas first, then blend in the new healing energy to the rest of your aura and chakra system. You'll leave rejuvenated, relaxed, and a little bit more comfortable in your human skin.

Connect with Your Star Family

Integrate Your Starseed Soul with Your Human Experience

Ready to discover your original homeworld and star system? Then a Starseed SerenityTM Session is the one for you.

Still Have a Question?

Drop me a note if you haven't found the information you're needing on this page or in the FAQs.

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Psychic Medium and Reiki Master based out of Stephenville, TX.

The Transitional Doula is available internationally via online sessions and in-person via events and fairs in Texas.

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