Practical Planning, Companionship, Energy Work, Bereavement

No one likes to talk about death. And by not discussing the end of life,

fear and stress can take over this moment we all must face. Let me support

and guide you through life's biggest event with companionship, energy work,

and practical planning.

Whether you are the one facing a terminal illness or if you are

a care-giver/family member of someone who is, together we can find

the grace in the end of life journey.

What is an End-of-Life Doula Strategy Session?

This type of session is geared for people with advanced-stage, life-limiting illnesses whether or not you're already in hospice. Items we will discuss in these sessions can range from:


  • Ensuring your medical paperwork for end of life decisions are properly filled out and with the proper health care providers.

  • Your funeral arrangements are finalized, documented, and shared with your loved ones.

  • Your memorial arrangements are finalized, documented, and shared with your loved ones.

  • Your wishes for "dying your best death"  are documented and shared with your loved ones.

What on earth is "dying your best death"? How morbid!


Actually, it's not. And the earlier you have these conversations, the more stress you can help alleviate at the end of life. I've experienced this first-hand; I've done it myself with both my parents. This session covers how you'd like your deathbed experience to be for maximum comfort in your final hours for both you and your loved ones. Things to consider for documenting your wishes:

  • Favorite Scripture to be read.

  • Favorite music to be playing.

  • Having a certain piece of apparel on or in your hands.

  • Whether or not you want a family member bedside.

  • Whether or not you wish for the family pet to be bedside.

The list is limitless.


While documenting these desires and sharing a plan with your caregiver team doesn't guarantee we can execute all your wishes, it DOES provide a benchmark for your loved ones and hospice team in the event you are not able to articulate your wishes at the end. And removing a stressor like that does indeed help remove a layer of unpleasantness in your final chapter. By documenting your wishes ahead of time, your family and loved ones can focus on their final days of spending quality time with you.

What is an End-of-Life Vigil Session?

This session is for someone who is actively dying...typically the last several hours of a person's life (less than 72 hours to live). During this sacred time, I can be on-site to help facilitate the dying person's deathbed experience wishes or there simply as companion to the dying and their family. I can assist with rituals, energetic support, and provide confirmation and communication as the dying encounters family members already on the other side. It is well documented that dying people see and hear loved ones that others in the room cannot. I can aid in reassuring everyone that what the dying person is experiencing is real and not something to be afraid of nor concerned over.

Can you help after my loved-one dies?

Bereavement eventually meets us all. The Transitional Doula can help support you through this time of deep grief to give you a safe place to express your hurt and loss, discover how to pick up the pieces of your life, and find ways to honor your deceased loved one. Combining energy work and practical guidance, we can find ways of expressing your grief while rediscovering your joy. Keep in mind this is a process. There are no quick fixes. You'll process your emotions when, and only when, the time is right for you.

If you are open to it, Mediumship is available if you choose to receive messages from your loved one.

What communities do you serve?

I'm based out of Erath County, TX, so in-person sessions can be anyplace that's an hour's drive. Outside of that radius, we can schedule Skype or phone sessions.

What if I can't afford a session?

I offer payment plans, sliding scale, barter, and pro-bono options should you not be able to afford the regular price for an End-of-Life doula session - both strategy and vigil. Available on a case-by-case basis.

Contact me for details.

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