Permission to Be Yourself

It’s been a fascinating week of readings and healings. Literally every person I’ve worked with this last week has been struggling with simply being themselves. It manifests in different ways, but the bottom line is the same: sometimes you don’t think it’s okay to be you in all of your Authentic Self glory. The myriad of complaints clients were bringing to me these last several days boil down to the same issue.

Why Do You Choose to Struggle?

I’m surprised I went with that lead, because for decades I didn’t know I had a choice. I didn’t understand that every millisecond of my day didn’t require me to struggle. I did not know that it was okay to choose myself, my happiness, my wellness, my goals. I didn’t understand that I had a choice.

And these were the things I heard all week in sessions: "I can’t just be me. It’s just the way it is." Hmmm…

Why not?

Underlying circumstances aren’t necessarily a choice. But struggle IS a choice.

Why do you choose to struggle, to make things more difficult than they need to be? You have to be getting some sort of benefit for allowing this dynamic to continue. Is the benefit no effort on your part? Is the benefit that you don’t have to think about the elephant in the room?

Then it’s a matter of how you see yourself. Is it a self-love issue? Is it a self-respect issue? Do you think you’re not worthy of peace, of not having to struggle?

Hmmm...might be onto something here.