What is a Spirituality Session?

This session is designed to be one of two things: To assist you in expanding your own intuitive skillset or for me to relay messages to you from your Spirit Guides. These sessions are metaphysical in nature.

Session Types

Lenormand Readings - Using a card divination tool established by and named after Marie Anne Lenormand, a Lenormand Reading uses a specialized deck of 36 cards filled with symbols. We can do anything from a one-card draw to a full-on Grand Tableau reading that utilizes every card in the deck. Most times, however, we'll do a "no-read" reading, where we simply pull a card representing you, cards to each side of that card, then use the rest of the deck to augment the initial message.

Rune Readings - Using Futhorc (Anglo-Saxon) Runes, we'll delve into topics using a 9-Rune spread. Much more to the point that other divination tools, the Runes are a fabulous way to cut through confusion around a topic and see what solutions are at hand.

Mediumship - If you're seeking messages from your deceased loved ones, this is the session for you! We'll connect with your  your departed family members to help you find solace and bring closure to issues you're still experiencing.

Channelled Messages - Anything your Spirit Guides need you to know will come through. Often during other readings, your team will nudge me to share other information (often not related to your initial questions) as we visit.

What to Expect

If you're expanding your own metaphysical gifts, I can help you find teachers for areas of interest, give you tips and techniques for self-study, or simply let you flex your gifts in a safe, private environment. If you're wanting a reading, we'll do just that...invite in your Spirit Guides and see what you should be focusing on at this time in your life.


Sessions are held via Zoom and Skype. If you're just wanting a quick read with minimal interaction, pop over to my Etsy shop for readings by email

Spirituality / Psychic Medium

Gain Insights

Psychic sessions can help you find answers to nagging questions or achieve a new level of insight into a situation or relationship.

Connect with Higher Realms

Stretch Your Metaphysical Muscles...or Let Me Do the Heavy-Lifting

Ready to explore your natural intuition or psychic gifts? Just need someone to help you connect with your Spirit Guides for additional support in tackling your day? This is the session for you.

Still Have a Question?

Drop me a note if you haven't found the information you're needing on this page or in the FAQs.

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Psychic Medium and Reiki Master based out of Stephenville, TX.

The Transitional Doula is available internationally via online sessions and in-person via events and fairs in Texas.

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