Standing In Your Power: 4 Things to Remember

Thanks to social media memes, I've got a hot topic to share this week: Personal Power. And thanks to Astrology, it dawned on me WHY this has been such an issue among friends and clients lately: Thursday is the 8/8 Lionsgate Portal. The pinnacle of Sol and Sirius energies reaching out to us. Ooof!

I see many individuals struggle with owning their power, claiming the vibrancy of who they are. Especially empaths. While we all have our different ideas of how to go about radiating from our Solar Plexus chakra, we often lose sight of self-control when dealing with a volatile person or situation. Self-control fluxuates both ways - too much and too little.

Here are a few things to keep in mind the next time you feel yourself shrinking...or over-reacting.

1. Have you practiced The Pause?

Stop! Stop talking. Take a deep breath. Phew! Now...slow down and reconsider your words, your response to the situation. If you're already aware of your relationship with your Third Chakra and ego, simply injecting The Pause into any situation usually improves things. If you're just stepping into your journey of self-discovery, congratulations! Sitting and working on your Personal Power is a fabulous way to establish energetic self-care.

Regardless of where you are in your personal energy awareness, The Pause gives your logical mind and emotional center time to re-sync with each other. Slowing down your words, your thoughts, your reactions gives you the time and space necessary to re-assess what is energetically happening in the current situation.

Do you need to respond differently? a different tone of voice?