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Stop and Smell the Lemons

I'm sure you've seen many variations on the "when life gives you lemons" platitude. Here's one that I've got hanging in my kitchen over the fruit bowl, and it causes me to pause every time I see it:

Cultivating Gratitude

Many times when things don't go the way we hoped for and we end up with those lemons, we forget that this, too, is something to be grateful for. Why? That's the question you need to be asking. Always.

Why is this happening to me?

Why is this happening FOR me?

Why is this happening now?

Why is this happening instead of what I wanted?

Why is this happening again?

The Universe in its infinite wisdom gives you exactly what you need in the moment in which you need it. Always. The kicker is, you might not be tuned in to the Grand Plan for your life. So here's your chance to realign with your Soul Purpose.

Hence the lemons.

Inhale Deeply

This is where your gratitude practice comes in handy. Are you practicing The Pause? Take a moment to assess your reaction to the situation before reacting to the situation. Take a deep breath, releasing it slowly. Is there another way to look at the situation to see potential opportunities or benefits from something deviating from your wishes? Probably so. Think about it. Jot it down in a journal. Keep a notepad of everything you come across in your day for which you can express gratitude. You are surrounded by people, places, things, and situations that can inspire you to dig down and find your gratitude.

It takes practice. So...practice!

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