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Claiming Your Voice: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

After the powerful energy surge last week during Lionsgate, many open souls are now struggling at a new level with expressing themselves with integrity. It's part of a larger cycle of ascension growth, one we will continue facing for the rest of our lives. But this summer of massive changes is the perfect place to re-examine how (and if) we are speaking our truth for our highest possible good.

Have You Started Standing in Your Power?

Dovetailing with last week's post, Standing in Your Power: 4 Things to Remember, have you started implementing those techniques to identity what is you and what is not? That's the first trick to freely expressing yourself - knowing the core of who you are.

As your Solar Plexus finds its natural, powerful state in your chakra system, that energy wants to flow up through your upper chakras. Have you been noticing a lump in your throat or a tightness when trying to speak? Congratulations! Your lower chakras have synched up, letting that prana work it's way up to your Throat Chakra.

Which if blocked, will stop you from speaking your truth and claiming your voice.

So, how does one unblock their Throat Chakra? Journaling, meditating, and Chakra Balancing work all can work wonders for letting your words flow. A combination of factors can contribute to a blocked chakra: trauma in this life, past-life trauma, energetic cords, and not practicing using your authentic voice all can play a roll.

First step is identifying the root cause of the blockage. It could be as simple as starting a journal where you have the safety of expressing yourself without consequence or repercussion. The next level of journaling is reading it aloud to yourself. Ouch...that's not a pleasant though, is it? Once you can speak your written words, your energy field and your soul start remembering what it's like to voice your truth.

Are You Practicing The Pause?

Hmmm...sound familiar? Just like I mentioned last week, practicing The Pause when you are ready to speak helps you navigate the potential minefield of how others may react to you standing in your power and claiming your voice. Consider these things:

  • Is there a genuine need to say what you're about to say? See if there's a need.

  • Is it for YOUR benefit or the other person's benefit? Do you need to hear it, or does the other person need to hear it?

  • Are you just speaking to fill empty space? Stop talking if it's just to fill silence.

While none of the above have a right or wrong answer, implementing The Pause here allows you to do the most critical thing possible: checking in with your Soul to see if the words that follow are in alignment with you.

Recognize the Difference Between Ego Voice and Soul Voice

Your Voice is Your Voice, right? Maybe. Maybe not.

As I work more and more with clients - and myself - I'm starting to recognize the distinct difference between Ego Voice and Soul Voice. When everything is in alignment, then Your Voice becomes crystal clear.

Ego Voice is that knee-jerk reaction to something said. Someone insults you, boom! You toss an insult right back. Someone criticizes how you do something, bam! You go into defense mode, blaming with your words something else. Your Ego is simply doing it's job: protecting you. But is it always necessary to verbally stay in a defensive mode?

Soul Voice is that aching "oh-I-wish-I-had-said-this-instead" afterthought that is not the ego tally of post-conversation zingers. Soul Voice is the content at the core of who you are that is a Personal Truth. When someone insults you, your Soul Voice first attempts to see how their reaction resonates with your innermost core. Instead of lashing out with a sharp retort, you employ empathy or silence instead. When someone criticizes how you do something, Soul Voice pauses and considers any validity to the other person's observation. Is it a true statement from them or mere projection?

Notice how The Pause starts coming into play in recognizing what your Soul Voice sounds like?

Now here's the beautiful alchemy which occurs once you recognize the two types of voices: You discover Your Voice.

Your Voice is the combination of Ego Voice and Soul Voice. You are practicing The Pause. You are recognizing patterns and issues the other person is experiencing and expressing - rightly or wrongly - to you. You are recognizing patterns and issues YOU are experiencing and expressing. You now begin to temper the Ego Voice with the Soul Voice which results in measured, loving words escaping your lips. Your Voice.

Loving words for them, loving words for yourself.

The more you practice this exercise of blending your two inner voices, Your Voice becomes much clearer, much more defined, much more YOU every time you open your mouth. The Throat Chakra relaxes, allowing your words to flow more freely. Your Solar Plexus Chakra and Throat Chakra being working together with more ease. This in turn allows all your Chakras to come into play. Does Your Voice need to inject truth from your Heart Chakra? Are you needing to express the Root Chakra's need for security? The Crown Chakra's need for deeper truths?

Are you beginning to see how marrying Your Power and Your Voice allows your body to relax into a healthier state of energy flow? Do you notice how your Ego relaxes more while still doing its job of protecting you? Are you realizing more and more how your Soul begins to sing as you express yourself in any and every situation?

Can you see how you'll start settling into who you really are as you practice this method of expressing yourself? Begin to notice how the sharp edges of your life seem to miraculously soften. The daily struggles start to seem less important. You still deal with them, but a mindfulness about your existence begins to take root and permeate everything you do. Your life, in and of itself, is a mindfulness practice. Do you see how Standing in Your Power and Claiming Your Voice facilitates this gentle way of living?

Bonus Tip: Have You Recently Read The Four Agreements?

This seminal work by Don Miguel Ruiz will change your life. Period. I keep harping on it, but it truly is a guide to living a more profound, relaxed life. And for metaphysical people, there's a whole other dimension to this book. Read it. Digest. Read it again. Keep a copy, always. Share it. And then read it again.

This is you Claiming Your Voice. Speaking your truth. Sharing a bit of yourself with the world. And I am so thankful that you are doing so.

The Next Steps

Oh, there are so many possibilities! We've just scratched the surface of Claiming Your Voice. It's a life-long learning process. There are so many aspects to finding authentic voice, you can tackle it from just about any other self-improvement or spiritual work you are currently doing.

If you've just discovered that you're an Empath, Claiming Your Voice has an entire bonus level of awareness and self-care! You can join me on August 31st at Soul Feet Studios for a nifty Empath Self-Care Workshop. If you can't make the session, I'll be posting the toolkit up on the website for purchase the following week.

If you're seasoned in recognizing your three voices, you need to keep practicing! As you continue to grow, observe how your Voice finds clarity...and where stumbling blocks pop up. Need help or validation on where those obstacles are? Let's book a time to talk to help you get unstuck and reclaim your Voice.

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