7 Yoga Etiquette Basics

If you’re thinking about starting yoga: woohoo! It will prove to be a very rewarding decision for your well-being! But if you’ve never stepped foot inside a yoga studio before, you may be a little apprehensive about what to do and what not to do so you don’t stick out like a total newbie.

These 7 Etiquette Basics that follow should squash any hesitation about being the new kid in class.

Get your yoga on!
Don't worry about being new to a studio...relax and just do it!

Yoga Gear Only Inside the Studio

Outside shoes, phones, keys, purses/totes, anything and everything that is not part of your yoga practice can stay in the lobby area of the studio. Your mat is truly the only essential item you need to bring into the studio with you. And we even have mats you can use if you’ve not picked one of your own yet.

Like most things, there is some flexibility in defining “yoga gear”. Water bottles are always welcomed as long as they’re sealed (no topless bottles). And a towel for a hot yoga session is advisable. Some people get comfortably cool in meditation or yoga nidra, so if you need a light wrap and socks, that’s perfectly fine. (The studio has spare blankets in case you forget this.)

Otherwise? Leave it in your car or the lobby.

New to the Studio? Introduce Yourself to Your Teacher

Nothing in depth, just a “hi, I’m Jane” will suffice. If you have an injury, do make a mention of it to your instructor. They can suggest pose modifications or alternatives to avoid aggravating your problem area for the class.