Starseed Oracle + Healer

The Transitional Doula

Serving as a witness and coach, The Transitional Doula helps empower awakening Starseeds by companioning and guiding you through spiritual transitions.

Whatever obstacle or challenge you are currently facing, I can help you connect with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, and Soul Family while helping you establish a practical, real-world approach to your unique situation. Any transition or obstacle you face, there are pragmatic and divine ways to embrace the moment to overcome fears and stressors.


Personal Growth | Past Lives | Self Discovery


Usui and Karuna Ki Reiki Master | Galactic Healing | Runes Healing | EFT/TFT | Starseed SerenityTM

Marcus Aurelius

“Our life is what our thoughts make it.”

Helping You Find Your Best Life

Spirit-Guided Approach

Life can become overwhelming at times...both in seemingly fantastic or horrific ways. Knowing how to center yourself and connect with your life's higher purpose can help you better understand your current circumstances and how to proceed on your journey so that you can fully embrace life and experience living to the fullest.

As a psychic medium, let me help you on your journey.

The Transitional Doula
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Psychic Medium and Reiki Master based out of Stephenville, TX.

The Transitional Doula is available internationally via online sessions and in-person via events and fairs in Texas.

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Energy work NEVER replaces professional medical advice and care.